Under the framework of Peliwall, we aim to adapt as a principle the point of view that seems different from each other but in fact completes each other and has a target to make all the difference in the decoration. This basic principle requires an efficient and environmental production mentality, comprehensive and different design framework and a top level machinery investment that will ensure advance technology use. Peliwall, by establishing this framework, realizes a production above the world standards with about 10.000 m2 capacity per day only in the wall paper segment.


In the HipoMood and Peliwall products, our brands in the wall paper segment, we present to our customers a privilege to make delivery all around Turkey within three days after the order is taken. Our company aims a high level customer satisfaction with its high quality, qualified and fast service in all phases from raw material entry to use of consumables, environmental production process, packing and dispatching in the world standards.